Under the Local Government Act 1993, all land is rateable whether it is vacant or habitable. The State Government also requires that all land must have a waste charge. Vacant land will have an availability charge and occupied land will have a service charge.  To view current waste charges and waste information click here.

There are four rating categories which are Business, Residential, Farmland and Mining. The rating category is shown on your rate notice.  Rates are calculated by multiplying the land value (supplied by the NSW Valuer General) by the rate in the dollar and then applying a base amount.  This rating structure provides a fair and equitable distribution of the rate burden.  

Rates are levied for the 12-month period from 1 July to 30 June before they are broken down into four instalments, which are:

  • 1st Instalment - 31 August
  • 2nd Instalment - 30 November
  • 3rd Instalment - 28 February
  • 4th Instalment - 31 May

Council will send out quarterly instalment notices to you approximately four weeks before each due date.

Interest accrues on a daily basis on unpaid Rates and Charges after the due date. The percentage rate of interest is shown on the notice.

Certain lands are exempt from rates e.g. properties used by churches, hospitals and schools.

For more information on rating, visit the Frequently Asked Questions link at the bottom of the page.

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