Tree Exemption Form

Applicant Details
Subject Land / Property Description
Reasons for Exemption
Select your reason for exemption
Additional information required to process application
Property Access (If required)

I/we hereby consent to the making of this application, and I/we understand that it may be required for Council staff to enter and inspect the property, the subject of this application to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Biodiversity and Conservation SEPP 2021, as amended and the Regulations there under and with the approved plans and specifications. Therefore I/we give approval for council staff to enter and inspect the property during the approval process; during construction and until such time as all of the work has been completed to council’s satisfaction.

Owners Details and Declaration

All owners of this land must attach a separate document in the form of a letter or Owner’s Consent declaration confirming consent to lodge this application. This application will not be accepted without all owners' consent.

If the owner is a company, the letter must be signed by an authorised director, and the common seal must be stamped on this form. If the property is under strata title or a lot in a community title then in addition to the owner’s signature, the common seal of the body corporate must be stamped on this letter over the signature of the owner and signed by the chairman or secretary of the Body Corporate or the appointed managing agent.

As the owner/s of the subject land, we hereby consent to the lodgement of this application and to any inspections required to be undertaken by Council officers in the assessment of this application.