Busking Registration Form 2024

The Busking Registration Form is for musicians and street performers seeking to perform in the public domain in Camden LGA. If you are interested in performing as a busker in the Camden LGA, you must submit a Busking Registration Form below. There is no cost to apply for a busking permit.

Please read Camden Council’s Busking PolicyBusking Procedure and Busking Information Package prior to completing the Busking Registration Form. Any approval will be issued subject to conditions in accordance with Camden Council’s Busking Policy.


Approved sites available for busking activity

Busking Map Camden Narellan Oran Park


Please read the following information before registering:

  • If you are under 16 years of age, your parent or guardian must complete and sign Section B of this form and be present when you collect your Busker ID at Camden Council.
  • Each member of a group act must submit a separate application for a Busking Registration to receive an individual Busker ID.
  • After you have completed the form, Camden Council will review your application. Once your application has been approved, you will be notified of when and where you can collect your Busking ID in person via email.
  • Busker IDs must be collected prior to booking a site and must be displayed at all times during your performance. Bookings can be made through Camden Council's Bookable page.


Section 1. Applicants Details

If part of a group, each member must submit an individual Busking Registration Form.

Section 2. Busking Activity


Please tick the box which applies to your performance and provide further details.

Please provide supporting material, including samples of your performance, by uploading up to two files or sharing links to relevant websites of social media.


Will you be selling any merchandise? Council only permits merchandise of original material or products of the busker, e.g. CDs, t-shirts, etc. No other commercial merchandise is permitted.

Dangerous Materials

Dangerous goods or materials include the use of substances that are flammable, toxic or have sharp implements. Will you be using any dangerous goods or materials in your performance?

Section 3: Public Liability

1. Performers under 16 do not require public liability insurance. However, an adult over 18 years old must supervise the busking activity and provide written permission and consent.

2. If 18 years or over, please attach a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance for $20m coverage (where available).

Section 4: Terms and Conditions

Busker Agreement

I agree to the following:

• To only busk in the designated busking locations approved by Camden Council.

• To clearly display or wear a designated Council Busking ID during my busking activity.

• Not to solicit funds or undertake the act of asking, seeking or requesting money or goods from members of the public. Please use a container for voluntary donations.

• Not to use amplified music unless otherwise approved by Council.

• Be non-offensive during busking activities.

• The busking activity should be safe and accessible for the public.

• Not have any potential adverse impacts with nearby businesses, properties or community members.

• To be of minimum disruption to pedestrian traffic, conduct of businesses, community safety and public amenity.

I declare that I am the applicant in this application and I have read and accept Camden Council’s Busking Policy and Terms and Conditions of this application. Musicians who do not comply with the conditions can have their registration withdrawn.

Types of proof of identity accepted are proof of age, driver's licence or current passport. Buskers under 16 years of age require a written consent signed by a parent/guardian. See Additional Section 5.

Section 5: Parental and Guardian Consent

Children under the age of 16 years of age who wish to make an application will be required to submit written parental/guardian consent.

Parents, guardians or carers must take responsibility for buskers under 16 years for the busking registration process and during any busking activity.

I understand that:

1. I am agreeing to a Busking Registration as the parent/guardian of the busking applicant aged under 16 years;

2. Camden Council will not provide supervision of buskers less than 16 years of age, who will need to be accompanied by an adult;

3. I must take responsibility for my child at all times while they are involved in busking activity, including any personal items, valuables and instruments.

Section 7: Busking Registration and ID

You will soon receive written confirmation from Camden Council with a Busking ID number. The Busker ID and lanyard must be collected prior to booking a site and must be worn at all times whilst busking.

To view busking locations, refer to the map above or read through our Busking Information Booklet for more information on each site. To book a site, please visit Camden Council's Bookable page by clicking the link below: