For your convenience you can now receive your Rate and Instalment Notices via email.  There are two options available to you, these are:

Create an account (includes option to receive rates via email)

This will allow you to opt in to receiving rate notices via email and view any current and past rates notices issued to you.  When you create an account, you will:

  • receive an email when a new notice is available 
  • be able to view previous rate notices issued to you
  • have the ability to add additional properties you may own
  • see your rate notices at any time 

To create an account or login to an existing account click here.

Register for emailed rate notices (eRates)

You will receive an email with your new rate notice, which you can then download and store on your own device.  A link to pay your rates is included in the email.

Click eRates to register and receive your rate notices via email.  

Note: To create an account or register for eRates, you will need a previous rates notice so that you can enter the details to be validated. Please contact us on 02 4654 7777 if you do not have any previous notices.

Your registered email address is your eRates username and cannot be altered.  If you change your email address, please email Council at revenue.mailbox@camden.nsw.gov.au to deactivate your current eRates registration.  Once this has occurred you will need to re-register for eRates using your new email address.