Fees and Charges

Any fee payable will be subject to the final determination of a delegated Council employee. Fees and Charges applicable for 2018/19 Financial Year.


Section 1 - Customer and Corporate Services

Financial Services | Customer Service & Sales | Administration | Use of Footpath Café/Restaurant | Special Events on Council Land / Onslow Park


Section 2 - Planning Services

Planning Proposals  DCP Amendments  Section 7.11 Contribution Plans


Section 3 - Building and Development

Pre Development Application Meetings |  Development Applications (DA) |  DA Subdivision |  DA Advertising Signage | Modification of DA | Determination Review |  Other DA Fees |  Public Notification |  DA Archiving | Refunds |  Building PCA and Certification Services |  Subdivision PCA and Certification Services | Long Service Levy |  Public Road Activity | Other Certificates and Fees | Resited Dwellings | Section 68 Approvals | Caravans | Rail and Pipes Annual Charge | Fire Safety Certificates | Miscellaneous | Records Documents and Copying | Digital Products | Refundable Bonds and Fees | Map Production 


Section 4 - Waste and Compliance Services

Food and other Health Inspections  |  Shop Fit-Outs  Microbial Control  |  Septic Tank Install Domestic  |  Septic Tank Install Commercial  |  Water Supply Section 68  |  Septic Tank Operation  |  Septic Tank Miscellaneous Charges  |  Domestic Waste Management  |  Kerbside Clean-up  |  Commercial Waste Management  |  Water Sampling  |  Environmental Enforcement


Section 5 - Traffic Planning

Traffic Data  | Traffic Management Permits  |  Flood Management  |  Stormwater Levy  |  Plan Printing  |  Traffic Control for Filming


Section 6 - Sport, Community and Recreation

Narellan Library Meeting Rooms and Community Space | Family Day Care Fees | Camden Civic Centre - General Hiring Fees | Camden Civic Centre - General Fees | Camden Civic Centre - Undercroft Hiring Fees | Civic Centre - Other Fees (General Party Hire) | Community Facilities Definition & Notes | Community Facilities Bonds | Birriwa Reserve Clubroom | Birriwa Reserve Community Hall | Catherine Field Community Hall | Currans Hill Community Hall | Harrington Park Community Centre- Hall 1 | Harrington Park Community Centre - Hall 2 | Harrington Park Community Centre - Meeting Room | Harrington Park Community Centre - Craft Room | Jack Nash Reserve Clubrooms | Mt Annan Community Cottage | Narellan Family Child and Community Centre | Miscellaneous Community Facility fees | Tennis Courts Fees | Bicentennial Park Hire FeesCamden Town Farm | Sports Grounds & Parks | Camden Memorial Swimming Pool | Mount Annan Leisure Centre | Cemetery Fees | Sustainability fee


Section 7 - Restoration and Private Works

 Road Restoration  |  Kerb and Gutter Restoration (per Linear Metre)  |  Barricades and Equipment


A to Z of Fees categories


Administration Charges  

Barricades and Equipment 

Bicentennial Park 

Birriwa Reserve 

Building PCA and Certification Services 

Camden Memorial Swimming Pool

Camden Town Farm 

Catherine Field


Cemetery Fees 

Commercial Waste Management 

Community Bus Hire 

Community Facility Bonds 

Currans Hill 

DA Advertising Signage

DA Archiving

DA Subdivision  

DCP Amendments 

Determination Review

Development Applications 

Digital Products 

Domestic Waste Management 

Environmental Enforcement 

Fairfax Reserve 

Financial Services  

Fire Safety Certificates

Food and other Health Inspections 

Flood Management 

Harrington Park 

Jack Nash Reserve 

Kerb and Gutter Restoration  

Kerbside Clean-up 

Long Service Levy 

Map Production 

Microbial Control 


Miscellaneous Community Facility Fees 

Modification of DA  

Mt Annan Cottage 

Mount Annan Leisure Centre

Narellan Community Centre 

Other Certificates and Fees

Other DA Fees 

Plan Printing

Planning Proposals  

Public Notification

Public Road Activity

Rail and Pipes Annual Charge

Records Documents and Copying

Refundable Bonds and Fees


Resited Dwellings 

Road Restoration

Section 68 Approvals 

Section 94 Contribution Plans 

Septic Tank Install Commercial  

Septic Tank Install Domestic 

Septic Tank Miscellaneous Charges

Septic Tank Operation 

Shop Fit-Outs

Special Events - On council Land or Onslow Park 

Sports Grounds and Parks 

Stormwater Levy 

Subdivision PCA and Certification Services 

Tennis Courts 

Traffic Control for Filming

Traffic Data 

Traffic Management Permits 

Tree Removal or Pruning 

Use of footpath  

Water Sampling  

Water Supply Section 68