Strategic Policies

Council has a number of strategies that provide an overarching vision and direction for Camden. The strategic specific policies (shown below) complement Council’s broader suite of strategies


CSP Cover 

 lsps  WCDP

Community Strategic

Council’s highest-level plan which identifies the community’s future priorities and strategies for achieving them.

Camden Local Strategic
Planning Statement

Council’s 20-year planning vision, emphasising land use, transport and sustainability objectives to demonstrate how Camden will evolve to meet the community needs. 

Western City District

NSW Government’s 20-year plan for Western Sydney to manage growth in the context of economic, social and environmental matters. 

three cities  21 15109 Community Participation Plan 2021 Final version Sept 21 1  camden urban design framworks2

Greater Sydney Region

NSW Government’s 40-year vision to manage growth for Greater Sydney in the context of social, economic and environmental matters.

Camden Community Participation Plan

Identifies how and when Council will inform, engage, and consult with the community on planning matters.

Camden Town Centre
Urban Design Framework

Council’s vision for the Camden Town Centre. 

rual lands

Camden CELS LHS Cover

Rural Lands

Council’s policy that guides the  protection of rural lands

Centres and Employment
Land Strategy

Council’s vision for the development of Camden’s centres and employment lands over the next 20 years.

Housing Strategy

Council’s vision for housing development over the next 10 and 20 years


 Camden Town Centre Vision5

Camden Town Centre Vision Report

Council's guide to create a better and
stronger town centre.