Microchipping and Registration

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If you own a cat or dog, you must microchip and register them with your local council.

Not only is it a legal requirement to have your pet microchipped and registered but having up-to-date details on your pet's registration allows the Animal Care Facility or vet to contact you if they go missing.


The Companion Animals Act requires cats and dogs to be permanently identified (microchipped) from 12 weeks of age and before sale. 

Where to have your pet microchipped?
  • Your local vet
  • Council's free microchipping program 

Council's free microchipping program is open to all residents who are not breeders or a rescue organisation. 

Once your pet has been microchipped you will be provided a copy of the completed Permanent Identification Form – P1A.   

Your pet's microchip details will be uploaded onto the NSW Companion Animal Register by your local vet or Council, and you will be provided with a Certificate of Identification

The next step is registration Office of Local Government - Microchipping and Registration. Your animal registration is separate from identification (microchipping). 

Fines apply if you do not microchip and register your animal. 


All cats and dogs must be registered on the NSW Companion Animals Registry (some exemptions apply).

Registration must be completed by the time your dog or desexed cat is 6 months old.

All non-desexed cats must be registered by 4 months of age (a permit is also required where a cat is not desexed).

Council encourages cat desexing.

Having your cat desexed before registration helps to reduce straying, fighting and aggression and antisocial behaviour, such as spraying to mark territory. It also helps to reduce the number of unwanted cats born each year.

The registration fee is a once-only payment, which covers the cat or dog for its lifetime in NSW, regardless of any changes in ownership.

If you fail to register your pet when required to do so, you may be issued a fine.

For more information Microchipping and Registration - Office of Local Government NSW

How do I register my pet?

Register Online through NSW Pet Registry

Create an account to register your pet online NSW Pet Registry - Home

  1. Log in, or follow the prompts to create your user account and complete your registration
  2. Once the registration process is complete, ‘link’ your pet's record to your owner profile
  3. Enter the microchip number and the phone number you used to create your registry account, then select ‘Search’ to display your pet’s details
  4. Select ‘Link Pet’
  5. Make your payment
  6. Your receipt and Certificate of Registration will be emailed to you

Note: If you cannot register online, you can complete paper forms at your local council. 

Register with Council 

Complete a Lifetime Registration Form with a copy of any relevant documentation: Desexing certificate, pension/concession card, proof of assistance animal, breeder card etc.  

  • Submit your paperwork at mail@camden.nsw.gov.au and our Customer Service team will call you to make payment; or
  • Visit our Customer Service Centre at 70 Central Avenue, Oran Park.


The NSW Government has introduced annual permits for non-desexed cats and restricted and dangerous dogs as part of its commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and improving animal welfare standards. 

For more information Annual Permits - Office of Local Government NSW

Updating your Pet's Details

You must update your pet's details if you have moved or changed your details. 

How do I update my pet's details? 

Online - NSW Pet Registry

Update your pet's details on the NSW Pet Registry.

For more instructions, click here


Your Local Council

For more information Contact Council's Customer Service Team 13 CAMDEN or Email