Flood Information

The Nepean River, South Creek, tributaries thereof and associated floodplains are a predominant feature of the Camden Local Government Area. Flooding along these waterways impacts upon properties within the floodplain to varying degrees. 

Flood information within the Camden Local Government Area has been broken into three main catchments; these being the Nepean River (excluding Narellan Creek), Narellan Creek and South Creek. A labelled catchment map is available to show the three catchment areas and to demonstrate which suburbs are located within each.

This section provides flood information relating to the following catchments:



Detailed flood information for a specific property, such as flood levels, flood planning levels, velocities etc, can be obtained by applying for a Flood Certificate (subject to information availability).    



 Please see the links below for further flood information regarding the following:



More helpful information regarding flooding in NSW is available from: 

Contact Council's Stormwater and Floodplain Engineers on 4654 7777 for further enquiries regarding flooding.