Movable Goalpost Safety

Play your part, keeping you safe before, during and after the game.

Australian children and teenagers have been seriously injured and have died after movable goals were installed incorrectly and/or used inappropriately.

Blunt force injuries and trauma to the head, neck, chest and limbs can occur from movable soccer goals due to:

  • Instability.
  • Goals becoming unanchored.
  • Goals with inadequate anchoring.
  • Inappropriate or ineffective installation.
  • Inappropriate use, such as swinging on goalposts or crossbars.

The hazards associated with movable goalposts particularly apply to goalposts weighing 28kg or more.

So, what is a movable goalpost?

A movable goalpost is any free standing goal designed to be transported (whether in one piece or after disassembly) both on and off a sports field. These goals may be either-

  • Full size goals used outdoors for senior soccer games or training;
  • Smaller size goals used outdoors for junior soccer games or training, or at indoor facilities.

Before every soccer game AND before all training sessions, officials are required to perform necessary safety checks and precautions to ensure a safe training environment and should complete the checklist and form included in the Camden Council - Movable Goalpost Safety Guidelines.

Players, coaches and spectators are encouraged to check that these safety checks have been carried out. All completed forms are to be emailed to

For further information, please see Football NSW - Goal Post Safety Notice