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Located approximately 60km south-west of the Sydney CBD and covering 200sq. km, Camden is one of the fastest growing local government areas (LGAs) in Australia with significant population growth of 7.6% annually since 2013. Renowned for its rural and heritage character set in landscapes of scenic and natural beauty, Camden contains a mix of agricultural land, historic towns, commercial, industrial and greenfield sites, and significant residential developments.  

Camden LGA offers new and established businesses a strong economic environment - our growth, is your opportunity!


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200 km2

Land Area 

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Untitled design 40127,637 

 Population in 2022

Untitled design 39241,172 

Forecast Population in 2041

 Untitled design 373.55%

 Forecast Population Growth till 2041

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Registered Businesses in 2022

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 Local Jobs

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Employed Residents 

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The below key documents outline Camden Council's commitment to growing a prosperous and diverse economy that attracts innovation and facilitates local employment opportunities.

Economic Development Strategy

Camden's Economic Development Strategy 2022-2026 outlines Council's priorities and actions for economic development throughout the local government area. It sets the framework for Council as an enabler of economic growth and diversification in Camden LGA. The Strategy presents a holistic approach to economic development which prioritises innovation, community wellbeing, celebration of our unique rural and urban assets, and maximising opportunities to leverage growth from the Western Sydney International Airport, Aerotropolis and Western Parkland City.

Stakeholder consultation helped identify four strategic directions which will support and enhance the Camden economy over the short to medium term and provide a framework for Council to achieve its vision for economic and regional growth.

Download the Strategy

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Need a quick snapshot of the Strategy? 

Download the Camden Economic Development Strategy Summary

EDS Summary2

Strategic Context

The Economic Development Strategy outlines Council's vision for a prosperous economy and priorities for stimulating economic growth and vitality throughout the Camden LGA. The Strategy aligns with key Council and regional strategies, including:

Camden Economic Prospectus

Camden is one of the fastest growing LGAs in Australia with economic growth outpacing other Sydney metro LGAs. This growth is driven by a burgeoning population, strong construction pipeline and substantial investment in the region. Base your business here and capitalise on our rapid growth. 

Over the last decade (2011-2020) Camden’s GRP has grown on average 8.3% per annum, well above the Greater Sydney average of 2.8% per annum

Find out what makes Camden a unique place to invest in and explore the many opportunities to do business in our region.

Download the Camden Economic Prospectus

Camden Economic Prospectus