Jumping Castle Notification Form - Passive Parks

Notification form for any customers that wish to have a jumping castle at a passive park. Please note that no jumping castles are permitted on Council's sports grounds, this form is for passive parks only.

Please complete online form.

Section 1 - Applicant Details
Section 2 - Date and Location
Section 3 - Contractor Details

Contractors are required to hold a minimum of $20 million PLI coverage.

Section 4 - Terms and Conditions

Only jumping castles erected by an amusement provider will be permitted on Council's parks and reserves.

The external provider MUST hold a PLI to the value of $20 million.

Jumping castle/inflatables in parks must not exceed 5m x 5m and must be secured to the ground by sand bags. No pegs are permitted.

Council does not provide power to operate jumping castles. It is the amusement providers responsibility to supply power to the amusement.

At no time are providers permitted to drive onto Council property to erect the jumping castle/amusement.

Hirer releases Council from and indemnifies Council against any claim, action, loss, damage or liability arising out of the use of the area/services, including loss, expenses or damage to property/person, excluding any negligence on the part of Council.

Passive parks are not bookable spaces and acceptance/acknowledgement of this notification form is not a booking confirmation.

Passive parks are intended for use to the general public, and users are advised that any activities that they undertake must not impact on the use or enjoyment of the space by other users. Please consider this when selecting the placement location for the