Customer and Corporate Strategy Services

Customer and Corporate Strategy Services

All fees are inclusive of GST where applicable.

Financial Services Charges

DescriptionTotal FeeGST
Fee for dishonoured payments (each instance)
Bank/Agent fees for cheque (includes administration fee) $10.80 N
Bank/Agent fees for Direct Debit (includes administration fee) $10.80 N
Bank/Agent fees for Australia Post dishonours (includes administration fee) $33.50 N
Merchant Service Cost Recovery Fee Full Cost Recovery Y
Interest on overdue rates
Maximum allowable under s.566 9.0% Simple interest calculated daily N
Certificate under s.603 under Local Government Act, 1993
5-7 Business Days $95.00 N
Urgency Fee – 4 Working Hours $65.00 N

Customer Service & Sales

DescriptionTotal Fee       GST
Hire of Community Bus (per day) $76.00 Y
Resuscitation charts $25.00 Y
Council Calendar $11.00 Y

Administration & General Charges

DescriptionTotal FeeGST
Photocopying (except for GIPA & Subpoenas)
A4 (per copy) $0.80 Y
A3 (per copy) $1.40 Y
Fees for Supply of GIPA (informal), Privacy & Subpoenas
Photocopying – A4 (per copy) $1.10 N
Photocopying – A4 Colour (per copy) $1.95 N
Photocopying – A3 (per copy) $1.95 N
Information under GIPA Act (formal application)
Application fee $30.00 N
Internal review fee $40.00 N
Processing fee (per hour) – non personal application $30.00 N
Processing & Supply of Documents on CD under GIPA Act 2009 & Subpoenas
Less than 30 minutes $12.40 N
Greater than 30 minutes $36.50 N
Subpoena production fee
Production Fee $83.50 N
Lease/Licence Preparation Fee
Lease/Licence Preparation Fee (internally prepared) $140.00 Y
Lease/Licence Preparation Fee (externally prepared) At cost Y
Road Closure Investigation Application (incl. pathways)
Application Fee $176.00 N
Express Post delivery of items to external customers
Parcel Post – 500g Satchel $9.70 Y
Parcel Post – 3kg Satchel $16.65 Y
Express Post – C5 Satchel $7.90 Y
Express Post – B4 Satchel $8.10 Y
Express Post – 500g Satchel $16.80 Y
Express Post – 3kg Satchel $27.05 Y
Training Course - External Participant Training
Course Fee Full Cost Recovery Y
Fee applicable to the Mayor or Councillor should they require a copy of their photographs ( provided electronically)
Fee applicable $0.30 N

Special Events and Event of Economic Benefit

DescriptionTotal FeeGST
Onslow Park – Event Day (Fee per day) $1,225.00 Y
Onslow Park – Bump in/out Days (Fee per day) $597.00 Y
High Impact Special Events on Council Land Price on Application Y
Note: For all Special Events & Events of Economic Benefit, please contact Council's Communications and Events Branch