Outdoor Dining Approval - Online Form

This application form is to be used when applying to use footway for the following activity and associated structures:

- Outdoor Dining/Footpath Restaurant: the service of food and/or drinks to seated patrons in relation to a restaurant or café; where approval is required under the Roads Act 1993.

Food and drink need to be prepared in appropriately approved premises immediately adjacent to the footway to which this application relates. The associated premises must have an existing valid Development Consent or Complying Development Certificate (CDC) to operate as food premises, or confirmed as exempt development, and/or a licence under the Liquor Act 2007 (if applicable) prior to an approval for use of public footway being granted. 

Note: this form is an application only, not an approval. 

Section 1 - Type of Application
Please select your application type
Section 2 - Applicant Details
Section 3 - Site Details
Section 4 - Details of Footpath & Proposed Seating
Section 5 - Details of Proposed Furniture
What furniture are you proposing?
Section 6 - Liquor Licence
Do you intend to serve alcohol within the outdoor dining area, if approved?
Do you have a current liquor licence?

Note: If you intend to serve alcohol within the approved outdoor dining area you will need to apply to the relevant authority of an amended Liquor Licence

Section 7 - Additional Information
Do you intend on using the footpath area of adjoining premises?
Section 8 - Supporting Documents Required
Please ensure the following documents are uploaded below
Section 9 - Applicant Declaration
I apply for consent to operate outdoor dining in a portion of the public domain.