Local Government Elections

The local government elections took place on Saturday 4 December 2021. As a result, the civic offices of Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor are currently vacant for Camden Council. The NSW Electoral Commission advises that election results for the office of Councillor are scheduled to be declared between 21-23 December 2021. The Ordinary Meeting of Council to elect a Mayor (and if required, a Deputy Mayor) will take place on 10 January 2021.  

The progressive results for the office of Councillor of Camden Council can be found on the NSW Electoral Commission website.

Ward Boundaries and Polling Locations

Search for a location by entering the address into the search bar in the map shown above. Use the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols in the map to zoom in and out.


Key dates for Council Election

25 October 2021                            Close of electoral rolls (6pm)

                                                        Candidate nominations open

26 October 2021                            Postal vote application opens

3 November 2021                           Close of candidate nominations (12pm)

                                                        Registration of electoral materials commences

5 November 2021                           Caretaker period commences

22 November 2021                         Pre-poll voting opens

                                                        iVote commences

26 November 2021                         Registration of electoral material closes (5pm)

29 November 2021                         Postal vote applications close (5pm)

3 December 2021                           Pre-poll voting closes (6pm)

4 December 2021                           iVote applications close (1pm)

                                                        iVote voting closes (6pm)

                                                        Election day (8am-6pm)

17 December 2021                          Return of postal votes closes (6pm)

21 – 23 December 2021                 Results declared progressively as counts finalised by election manager

10 January 2022                            Ordinary Meeting of Council to elect the Mayor (and if required, a Deputy Mayor)


Details of the candidates for election to Camden Council can be found on the NSW Electoral Commission website.

For more information on being a Councillor please visit the Office of Local Government website.

Disclosures of political donations

The NSW Electoral Commission website details political donations and electoral expenditure disclosed by political parties, elected members of Parliament and local Councils, candidates for election, third-party campaigners and political donors at State and local government elections. This information can be accessed at Lodging Disclosures | Pre-election, Half-Yearly & Annually - NSW Electoral Commission.

Further information will be uploaded on this page as it becomes available.