Food Safety and Food Business Information

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All retail food premises must be designed, constructed and operated in accordance with the following;

Food businesses require approval via Complying Development Certificate or a Development Consent. 

Food Handling Skills and Knowledge 

All food businesses must ensure that staff handling food have appropriate skills and knowledge. Council currently provides access to free online training by “I’m Alert”, which covers topics including food handler hygiene and safe food handling practices. Once completed, staff are provided with a certificate of participation.

Note: This training does not replace the Food Safety Supervisor qualification requirements. 

Council's Role

Council has both an educational and regulatory role in ensuring food safety. Council’s Environmental Health Officers undertake inspections of all retail food premises to ensure compliance with the food safety standards and protect the public's health and safety.

Council's Food Premises Inspection Program

A fee is charged for inspections in accordance with Council’s fees and charges schedule on Council’s fees and charges webpage.

Council’s Environment and Regulatory Services Enforcement Policy outlines regulatory action Council can take including issue of written warnings, improvement notices, prohibition orders, penalty notices and prosecution.

The Name and Shame Register on the NSW Food Authority website provides public access to food businesses' Penalty Notices and Prosecutions. 

Watch the Food Authority video to see what to expect during an inspection - What to expect: Inspections | NSW Food Authority

Register and Update your Food Business Details

All retail food businesses must register their details with Council and notify any changes to their business.

To register a new business or notify any changes (including new ownership of an existing business) please complete a Food Premises Notification Form and return to Council before commencing trade. Alternatively, you can complete the form online.

Get Approval for a Home Food Business

Home food businesses that handle food intended for sale have the same requirements as other commercial food premises.

Examples of home food business include:

  • Preparing food intended for sale at markets;
  • Home-based mobile caters; and
  • Bed and breakfast accommodation.

Council has developed a factsheet to outline the requirements including the Development Application process and fit-out requirements - Home Food Business Factsheet

Get Approval for a Temporary or Mobile Food Business

Council’s Food Trading at Events and Public Roads policy outlines the approval requirements, administration process, construction, fit out and operational requirements of temporary food stalls and mobile food vehicles.

Selling Food at Temporary Events

Approval from Council and the event organiser is required for food vendors to sell food at temporary events. A temporary food stall includes a marquee, structure, food vehicle, truck, trailer etc.

 There are two types of Selling Food at Events Approvals: 

  • Annual Selling Food at Events Approval: valid for 12 months from approval date, which enables trading at approved events on private and public land in the Camden LGA. 
  • Single event Selling Food at Events Approval: valid for a single specified event in the Camden LGA.

To apply for an event approval, please fill out the Selling Food at Events Application Form and return it to Council. Alternatively, you can fill out the form online.

Selling food at Cobbitty Markets

Vendors who sell food at Cobbitty Markets only, can fill in the Cobbitty Markets Temporary Food Stall Notification Form and submit to Council.

Selling Food via Road Trading

Mobile food vehicles which sell food from public roads are required to have Council approval. Council offers a 12-month Mobile Food Road Trading approval. This approval is suitable for food vendors which sell ready-to-eat foods on a ‘stop and start’ trade basis, e.g. coffee, and ice cream vans. The approval is issued with various conditions, including where and how long a vehicle can trade.

To apply for a road trading approval, please fill out the Selling Food from Public Roads Application Form and return it to Council. Alternatively, you can complete the form online.

Food Safety Supervisor Requirements

Most medium to high-risk retail food businesses in NSW requires at least one nominated Food Safety Supervisor to be trained and appointed.

The mandatory food safety supervisor training qualification has a five-year expiry. Food Safety Supervisors must ensure they maintain current qualifications. Refresher courses are available for Food Safety Supervisors if their initial certificate has expired.

For more information, go to: Food Safety Supervisors (FSS) | NSW Food Authority

NSW Food Authority Resources

The NSW Food Authority has developed a range of food safety resources, to assist food handlers and consumers. See useful links below:

For further food safety resources (including translations) visit: Safer food, clearer choices | NSW Food Authority.

Allergen Awareness

Food manufacturers, businesses and handlers have responsibilities to ensure that information about allergens is provided to consumers and that food handling practices are managed to prevent contamination.

Training and resources supported by NSW Food Authority and EHA are available to assist in learning about allergens, as well as business and individuals' responsibilities.

FA Training: About Food Allergy Training 

Food Complaints

Complaints can be made to Council if consumers believe that a premise uses unsuitable food handling practices or have detected a single case of food poisoning.

For complaints regarding food-borne illness from non-retail premises or where there are multiple cases, contact the NSW Food Authority on 1300 552 406 or via the NSW Food Authority website.

Council can investigate food complaints including:

  • Foreign matter found in food;
  • Sale of unsafe/unsuitable food (including food past its use-by date);
  • Concerns regarding hygiene and handling of food;
  • Unclean premises; and
  • Pest activity.

Complaints can be made by contacting Council's Customer Service team on 4654 7777 or filling out the Report It form.

The following information will be required:

  • Your name, contact number and email address (anonymous complaint may not be able to be investigated as the complaint cannot be verified/further information cannot be obtained);
  • The name and address of the food business;
  • The date and time you witnessed the concerns or purchased the food;
  • Any photographs/samples to support your complaint;
  • Details of any food which was consumed; and
  • Details of any illness and symptoms including the length of time they were experienced.

What happens next?

Council officers will consider the information provided and investigate the complaint. 

Council may take regulatory action to ensure compliance with legislation and in accordance with Council's Environment and Regulatory Services Enforcement Policy.

For more information contact Council's Environment and Health Team on 13 CAMDEN or via email