Animal Care Facility

Camden Councils Animal Care Facility is located at the rear of Rossmore Veterinary Hospital - 651 Bringelly Road, Rossmore NSW 2557 (Rehoming Organisation Number – R251000114)

Phone: 0418 530 492

Hours of operation:

  • Monday to Friday 9am–5pm.
  • Saturday & Sunday 9am–4pm.
  • Closed public holidays

Animals Currently in our Facility: 



IMG 5738Iggy

Catahoula Leopard dog X

Imp: 1146

Date Impounded: 23/03/2023

Date Available: 7/04/2023




American Staffy

Imp: 1243

Date Impounded: 8/8/23

Date Available: 23/8/2023




Imp: 1265

Date Impounded: 23/9/2023

Date Available: 1/10/2023

IMG E8425


Ridgeback x American Staffordshire terrier

Imp: 1270

Date Impounded: 26/9/2023

Date Available: 11/10/2023




Imp: 1293

Date Impounded: 7/11/2023

Date Available: 16/11/2023


MicrosoftTeams image 78


Staffy x

Imp: 1309

Date Impounded: 11/12/2023

Date Available: 19/12/2023

MicrosoftTeams image 79



Imp: 1310

Date Impounded: 12/12/2023

Date Available: 20/12/2023

IMG 0140


American Staffordshire Terrier

Imp: 1334

Date Impounded: 21/12/2023

Date Available: 5/1/2024

Binx Binx

Mastiff X

Imp: 1343

Date Impounded: 2/1/2024

Date Available: 16/01/2024

415337307 348741511124342 2931177173375631328 n Finn

Staffy x

Imp: 1344

Date Impounded: 4/1/2024

Date Available: 11/1/2024

IMG 0043Lenny


Imp: 1346

Date Impounded: 8/1/2024

Date Available: 16/1/2024



Imp: 1349

Date Impounded: 18/1/2024

Date Available: 1/2/2024

Little Tilly Little Tilly

Siberian Husky

Imp: 1351

Date Impounded: 4/2/2024

Date Available: 21/2/2024



Cattle x

Imp: 1353

Date Impounded: 6/2/2024

Date Available: 14/2/2024




Imp: 1355

Date Impounded: 16/2/2024

Date Available: 24/2/2024

IMG 0884



Imp: 1356

Date Impounded: 22/2/2024

Date Available: 8/3/2024



If you would like more information about any of the animals in our facility or would like to set up a meet and greet, please contact the animal care facility on 0418 530 492.

Animal adoption fees contribute towards vaccinations, microchipping, desexing food and maintenance for animals that are abandoned or surrendered to the shelter.

Current Adoption fees are:

  • Dogs - $275.00
  • Cats - $200.00
  • Kittens - $100

Rehoming and Injured Pets 


Rehoming and Injured Pets

Collecting Your Pet from the Animal Care Facility

To collect your pet from the animal care facility, you will need to:

  • Provide a form of identification or a letter of authority from the owner to collect on their behalf
  • Pay maintenance fees at the time of collection

If your pet's microchip details are out of date, you will need to provide proof of ownership before the pet is returned.

All pets must be microchipped and registered before they leave the Animal Care Facility.

Failure to contain your dog is an offence and fines may be issued.

Injured Animals

All injured animals should be reported to any of the following organisations:

Rescue Organisations

Camden council work hard to find new, loving homes for any abandoned or surrendered animal in our shelter. In certain situations, we rely on help from wonderful rescue organisations across New South Wales.

Some rescue organisations also support families that need to rehome their beloved pets due to unforeseen circumstances. If you are seeking help to rehome your pet contact Council's Customer Service Team 02 4654 7777 or email for further information about our surrender process or view the list of Approved Rehoming Organisations PDF (Office of Local Government).

Surrendering a Pet

We understand that circumstances change, and you may find that you can no longer provide your pet with the care it needs. No matter the reason for wanting to rehome your pet, it is important that you look at all your options before deciding to surrender your pet to a shelter.

Behavioural Issues

If you find that your pet has some behaviour issues that make it difficult for you to care for it, it is recommended that you contact a local trainer to get some advice on how to deal with this behaviour. Getting some good advice and finding what works for your dog can make a world of difference to your situation. For more information about trainers in the area, speak with your local vet or contact Council.

Finding your pet a new home

It can be very difficult for pets when they leave their family environment.

  • Speak with family and friends to see if there is a loving home nearby that would be happy to take on your pet
  • If you purchased your pet from a breeder or rescue organisation, they will often encourage you to bring it back if you can no longer look after them. Contact them to find out what their policy is on rehoming animals
  • Contact a rescue organisation, they can help you rehome your pet in a safe way to ensure they are going to a loving new home.

See our list of rescue organisations to help you get started Office of Local Government - Approved Rehoming Organisations

Don't forget to complete your pets change of ownership and registration NSW Pet Registry - Home

Surrendering your pet

If you have explored all your options and you are confident that you need to surrender your pet, contact Council on 02 4654 7777 or email for further information about our surrender process.

The next steps:

  1. You will be requested to complete a questionnaire on your pet
  2. We need to know all relevant information about your pet, including what it likes and dislikes, to help us find a suitable home 
  3. Your pet must be microchipped and registered in your name before it can be surrendered 
  4. Pay animal surrender fees

Animal surrender fees help cover some of the cost of food, enrichment, health checks and any veterinary services needed while in the care of the shelter, including; worming, flea and tick treatments, vaccinations, and grooming.

For more information on Councils Fees & Charges Environment and Regulatory » Camden Council (