Traffic Planning

Traffic Planning

All fees are inclusive of GST where applicable

 Traffic Data

DescriptionTotal FeeGST
Search Fee (includes first location) $137.00 Y
Per location (second location and thereafter) $41.00 Y

 Traffic Management Permits

DescriptionTotal FeeGST
Special Event Permit Application $125.00 N
Traffic Management / Control Plan Review(Rate : $/hour for non-standard plans, large events) $200.00 Y
Heavy Vehicle Application Fee (For class 1 and class 3 vehicle permits) $74.00  

 Flood Management

DescriptionTotal FeeGST
Flood Information Fee $185.00 N

 Stormwater Management

DescriptionTotal FeeGST
Stormwater Management Service Charge    
Urban Residential Land - non vacant (each rateable parcel) $25.00 N
Urban Residential Land - strata plan units (each rateable parcel) $12.50 N
Business/Commercial Land - non vacant (each 700m2 or part thereof, of surface land area) $25.00 N
Business/Commercial Land - strata plan units (each 700m2 or part thereof, of surface land area divided equally between all units in development) $25.00 N
NOTE : The charge on any single Business/Commercial parcel is not to exceed $1,000.00    

 Plan Printing Charges

DescriptionTotal Fee   GST
A2 copy $42.00 N
A1 copy $63.00 N
A0 copy $83.00 N

 Public Road Events

DescriptionTotal FeeGST
Public Road Events (s.144 & 223 RA 1993) $1,800.00 N
Note: Notification required - refer to "Public Notification/ Advertising" section in this document for fee advice.    
Bond required - refer to "Bonds" section in this document for bond advice.    
For assistance with this application, contact Council's Communications and Events Department.    

 Road Occupancy

DescriptionTotal FeeGST
Work/Truck Zones    
a. Application Fee $140.00 N
b. Occupancy Fee - Work Zone (CBD and shopping precincts)-rm of zone / week $44.00 N
c. Occupancy Fee -Work Zone (other areas) - per m length of work zone/week $44.00 N
Skip Bin, Crane / Concrete Pump Permits    
a. Application Fee $140.00 N
b. Occupancy Fee - Standing Plant - per m length of plant/week $46.00 N
Hoarding Zones    
a. Application Fee $140.00 N
b. Occupancy Fee ( per meter per month)    
i. 'A' Class Type $18.50 N
ii 'B' Class Type $32.00 N
Shoring / Ground Anchors    
(a) Application Fee $140.00 N

 Traffic Control Film Shoots

DescriptionTotal FeeGST
Film Shoots - low impact Partial Road ClosureStop/Slow traffic control on local or Council managed roads - Police Consultation. $130.00 Y
Film Shoots - Medium impact Partial Road Closure - Stop/ Slow traffic control on multilane or state road - Police Consultation $365.00 Y
Film Shoots - High Impact Full Road Closure - Traffic Committee process $610.00 Y

 Annual Charge on Rails, Pipes etc. (Section 611 of LGA)

DescriptionTotal FeeGST
(i) All cables component - per kilometre $710.00 N
(ii) Overhead cable - per kilometre $710.00 N
(iii) Tunnel or Restructure - To be determined based on Land Value and Benefits Price on Application N