Property Land Acquisition

Council has a range of roles and responsibilities in their communities, including the provision of facilities and the supply of public services. Sometimes Council will be required to acquire land to deliver the necessary infrastructure and services for the growing community. This includes new parks and sporting facilities, upgrading roads and installing essential services such as drainage to facilitate new development. 

Finding out your property needs to be acquired can often be a confusing and challenging time for landowners. Council will work with you to support you through the acquisition process and provide you with key information that you need to know.

The below information is available to assist landowners who are affected by land acquisition. 


The Property Services Team are responsible for land acquisitions to be undertaken by Council in the Camden LGA. Initially your enquiry can be made to the Property Services Team however once the acquisition commences, you will be advised of the Officers allocated to your acquisition and provided with their direct contact details.

Each acquisition will be allocated two dedicated Officers who will transact the acquisition and support you through the acquisition process. These Officers are qualified, trusted professionals and understand the acquisition process thoroughly.

The Property Acquisition Officer will be allocated to transact the acquisition and is responsible for carrying out the necessary steps to purchase your property. This Officer is an expert who can answer questions you may have about the property acquisition process. They will meet with you early in the process and provide you with relevant information regarding the acquisition.

Their role includes:

  • explaining the acquisition process including the steps to determine the compensation
  • instructing independent valuers to determine your compensation
  • arranging for independent consultants to provide relevant reports of the property
  • negotiate with you to help reach an agreement on compensation
  • prepare all necessary paperwork, including a Letter of Offer and the contract for settlement.

Council’s Property Liaison Officer is dedicated to supporting landowners and occupants throughout the acquisition process and is able to offer support services and assistance with relocation. They will consider your circumstances and work with you to offer solutions that will make your relocation as easy as possible.

Their role includes:

  • being your primary point of contact and provide a personalised service to meet your needs and those of your household
  • meeting with you to understand your requirements, relocation needs and expectations
  • provide advice and assistance to help you with your relocation
  • assisting you to find the professional and support services you may need.

The Property Services Team can be contacted on 4654 7777 or via email