Sports Field Status

There are 3 options for sports grounds status - open, closed and conditional:

  • OPEN: The field is open for all sports competitions, training and school use

  • CLOSED: The field is closed for all sports competitions, training and school use

  • CONDITIONAL: The field is closed for use unless certain conditions are met. If these conditions are met the controlling body of the sport or school competition has the authority to use the ground for competition games only

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Current field status is shown in the table below. The status shown on a Friday or before public holidays is applicable to the current day and the following day/s of the weekend or public holiday. Current field status can also be obtained by calling Council's Wet Weather Hotline on 02 8250 4153

If the status is to be updated it will be done so by midday.

Please note: Even if council's sports fields are described as "OPEN", in the event of wet weather it is up to the individual club or association to make a decision on use, taking into consideration the condition of the field, any damage that may be caused and duty of care to the participants. In such circumstances, individuals should contact their club or association to confirm whether the club or association has made a decision to use the sports field.

Next review: 20 September 2019

Last updated: 19 September 2019

Sporting FieldStatusComments
Belgenny Reserve Conditional
Birriwa Reserve Conditional
Catherine Field Park Managed by Club
Cunningham Park Conditional
Cut Hill Reserve Conditional
Cut Hill Reserve - Archery Conditional
Fairfax Reserve Conditional
Harrington Park Conditional
Hayter Reserve Managed by Club
Hilder Reserve Conditional
Jack Brabham Reserve Conditional
Jack Nash Reserve Conditional
Kirkham Park - Fields 1 and 2 Conditional
Kirkham Park - Netball Courts Conditional
Kirkham Park - Rugby League Complex Managed by Club
Liquidamber Reserve - Fields 1 and 2 Conditional
Liquidamber Reserve 3 Conditional
Narellan Park - Hockey Complex Managed by Club
Narellan Park - Rugby League Complex Conditional
Narellan Sports Hub - Netball courts Conditional
Nott Oval Conditional
Nugget Beames Reserve (formerly known as Elizabeth Conditional
Onslow Park Conditional
Pat Kontista Reserve Conditional
Ron Dine Reserve Conditional
Rossmore Reserve Conditional
Rotary Cowpasture Reserve Managed by Club
Wandarrah Reserve Conditional
Wayne Gardner Oval Conditional