Camden Local Planning Panel

Local Planning Panels are mandatory for all councils in Sydney and for Wollongong City Council from 1 March 2018.

The Camden Local Planning Panel is a panel of three independent expert members and a community member that determines certain development applications that involve conflicts of interest, contentious or sensitive development and development standard contraventions. The Panel also considers and provides advice on planning proposals.

2021 Camden Local Planning Panel Meeting Dates

Camden Local Planning Panel Operational Procedures

Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Code of Conduct for Local Planning Panel Members

Camden Local Planning Panel Members - Disclosure of Interest Forms

 Agendas, Minutes and Audio Recordings


Panel Members


Stuart McDonald

Penny Holloway - Alternate

Michael Mantei - Alternate

Expert Members

Mary-Lynne Taylor - Primary

Grant Christmas – Primary

Sue Francis - Alternate

Rachel Harrison - Alternate

Michael File – Alternate.

Community Members

Bill Rooney – Primary Central Ward

Dean Boone – Primary North Ward

Steve Lyons – Alternate North Ward

Debby Dewbery –Primary South Ward