Planning Proposal

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A Planning Proposal is an application to amend planning controls in the Camden Local Environmental Plan 2010 (LEP) or State Environmental Planning Policy (Precincts - Western Parkland City 2021 ( WPC Precincts SEPP) that govern an aspect of development. They can be initiated by Council or an applicant.

A list of Planning Proposals that have been endorsed by Council are included on the Department of Planning and Environment Planning Portal.  

Follow Council's lodgement process below to lodge a Planning Proposal:

Lodgement Process:

Assessment Process: 

A Planning Proposal has a number of steps in its consideration and approval and requires approvals from both Local Council and the State Government Planning body (Department of Planning).

The Planning Proposal Assessment key steps are outlined below:

PP flowchart2As part of the Planning Proposal process, Council is required to formally exhibit the Planning Proposal for a period of either 14 or 28 days as determined by the Gateway Approval.

Community Consultation 

In addition Council also provides an informal notification period before the Planning Proposal has been considered at a Council Meeting.

The Planning Proposal Notification Factsheet can assist with any questions.

Useful Resources

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