Invasive and Priority Weeds

Harrington Park Lake and Drainage Reserve Invasive Weed Spraying

Alligator Weed

Pesticide spraying for aquatic and terrestrial weeds will be undertaken on Harrington Park Lake, the surrounding reserve and associated drainage ponds between 6-12 February 2023.

There will be 2-3 sprays conducted over the growing season, weather permitting. Notifications of the dates of these sprays will be posted on Council’s Facebook page and website.

The public is advised not to use, drink or swim in these waterways during these periods.

The pesticide treatment is conducted in accordance with the Pesticides Act 1999. All aquatic weed infestations will be treated according to manufacturer’s specifications with Metsulfuron-methyl. Terrestrial weeds will be treated with Metsulfuron-methyl and/or 2,4-D amine. All chemicals are registered for this use by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

For more information phone 4654 7777.

Have you seen this plant?

Parthenium weed (Parthenium hysterophorus)

How does this weed affect us?

Parthenium weed can cause severe dermatitis and respiratory problems in humans.

It invades pastures and crops and can also cause health problems in dogs and livestock.

Parthenium weed:

  • is toxic to livestock
  • outcompetes pastures
  • can taint the flavour of meat or milk
  • reduces crop yield
  • contaminates grain
  • is a host plant for crop viruses