Purchase Orders, Invoicing & Payments

procure to pay process

Council's Procure to Pay Process is streamlined to ensure an efficient and timely matching of invoices to purchase orders, and prompt payment to suppliers. 

New suppliers (once selected) are required to complete a New Creditor form which can be found HERE. 

NOTE: An entity separate to Council, called EftSure, will complete a verification check. This process will include an email and phone call to the new supplier.

Read the Get Verified by Eftsure and Phone Verification Process to help set you up as a new supplier. 

Purchase Order 

A Purchase Order (PO) will be issued electronically to the supplier, confirming that Council agrees to proceed with the procurement of goods or services. For RFTs and RFQs, a letter of award will also be sent to the successful suppliers. 

Council is committed to paying small businesses within 20 days of receipt of a correctly submitted invoice. Small businesses need to state if they are a small business in the New Creditor form HERE to take advantage of this.

Help us pay you faster

You can do this by ensuring:

  • A valid PO number, issued by Council, is quoted on every invoice 

  • Invoices are addressed to Camden Council 

  • Invoices quote the supplier name, ABN, invoice date, invoice number, total amount and GST amount (if applicable), and a description of goods/services supplied  

  • Invoices are emailed to the appropriate small business accounts or Accounts Payable email addresses

Get in contact with us

For any questions related to invoices and payments, please contact Council by calling 13 226 336.