Book a Building or Driveway Inspection



If booking a Driveway inspection please ensure that Council has a copy of your concreter's Public Liability Insurance.


Please note all inspections must be booked by 4pm to be included on the listing for the next working day.

Time Request
Additional Information
So that we can keep our workers healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic I need to ask a couple of questions about your household/business or site before we visit.  Any information you provide to Council will only be used to determine if we can attend your home/business or site. Your information will not be shared or used for any other purpose.
Has anyone at your household/premises/site been diagnosed with COVID-19?
Does anyone at your household/premises/site feel unwell and have symptoms related to COVID-19? This includes fever, coughing, sore throat or sneezing?
Is anyone at your household/premises/site self-isolating, for example, because they have travelled recently or are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test?