Road Occupancy Permit - Online

A non-refundable fee must be paid upon application. Council's current Fees and Charges can be found here. Once all relevant payments have been made, the approval of your application may take up to 10 working days. 


Property Details
Are the works associated with a current Development Application?
Type of Application
Please select which best describes the activity to be completed (note: permit for traffic / pedestrian management only)
Description of Proposed Works (including estimated dates and times)
Supporting Documentation
Details of the Applicant Undertaking the Work
General Agreement and Declaration

1. I/We am/are the owners or warrant that the owner(s) (if different from the applicant) of the above property has consented to the lodgement of this application to Camden Council. I agree, understand and will provide proof of consent if requested by Council.

2. I/We the undersigned, formally apply to obtain a Road Occupancy Permit in accordance with the Council Specifications, Standard drawings, environmental, all other applicable legislation relating to this application.

3. I/We understand and agree it is my/our responsibility to undertake all relevant enquiries and comply with all conditions and requirements of SafeWork NSW, Council’s permit policies, NSW Dial 1100 Before You Dig and all other relevant services, authorities, legislation and guidelines relevant to this application and/or permit.

4. I/We agree to employ adequate traffic control during all stages of the work in accordance with Australian Standard AS1742.3.

5. I/We declare that my/our public liability insurance policy indemnifying Council including its employees, agents and any member of the public from any and all liability, damage, loss or claim of any nature whatsoever arising out of or in any way related to the works is current and effective.

6. I/We agree to pay all necessary fees that are required at lodgement of this application. Note: Fees are applicable to all permits as per Council’s Fees and Charges schedule, available at or contact Council’s Customer Service on (02) 46547777.

7. I/We acknowledge that every effort will be made to determine Road Occupancy Permit Application with two weeks, however, in some circumstances the assessment and determination process may take longer time frames. In addition, I/we acknowledge that Road Occupancy Permit Applications requesting full road closure will be required up to six weeks.

8. The Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (PPIPA) provides for the protection of personal information and for the privacy of individuals, including personal information provided to Camden Council (Council). The personal information you provide to Council is being collected for administrative and assessment purposes. It will be accessible to and used by Council staff and may be shared with other relevant authorities, agencies or as required by law. You may at any time apply to Council for access to or amendment of the information in writing by email at . It is your responsibility to ensure that any information provided to Council is up to date. If you do not provide the requested information, Council may be unable to provide the requested permit or services. For further information about how Council collects, uses and stores the information you provide, visit the website at to view Council’s Privacy Management Plan.

9. I/We understand that there is a non-refundable application fee that must be paid if I choose to withdraw my application or if it is not approved. Please refer to Council's website for Council's current Schedule of Fees and Charges. Additional fees for road occupancy/standing plant may be applicable which will be assessed and advised by Council Officers within five business days and which must be paid for before the approval is granted by Council.

10. I/We understand that the approval of my application may take up to 10 working days from the date when all relevant payments have been made.