Guide to Doing Business with Council

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 Camden Council purchases a range of goods, services, and works from suppliers to help deliver services and infrastructure for our growing local government area (LGA). Supporting local by purchasing from local businesses forms a big part of Council’s procurement culture

Register your business details on VendorPanel Marketplace HERE to be considered for future work. Council buyers use this portal to source and invite registered suppliers to quote on work. 

How we do business

Council contracts businesses through the following ways:

  • Goods and services under $15,000: For purchases under $15,000 (inc. GST), suppliers are sourced directly via verbal or email quotations. To be considered, it is recommended that your business is registered on the VendorPanel Marketplace
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ): This process is used for purchases between $15,000 and $250,000 (inc. GST). Council buyers are required to obtain multiple quotes and suppliers are selectively invited to quote. 
  • Preferred Supplier Agreements: These contracts are used for a range of specific goods and services provided over a specific period (eg. 3-5 years). A panel of suppliers may be appointed. 
  • Prescribed Contracts: These are arranged through Local Government Procurement (LGP) on behalf of all NSW Councils. Become an LGP-approved supplier by registering HERE. 
  • Tenders (RFT)This is a formal process used for purchases over $250,000 (inc. GST) (excluding prescribed contracts). Current tender opportunities are advertised on a Tuesday on our website HERE or on the NSW eTenderingOrganisations may register their company details, download documents, and lodge submissions online free of charge. 
  • Expressions of Interest (EOI): The EOI process is used to test market availability and interest of suppliers. A formal tender process will follow the EOI. 


Register as a supplier

Register as a supplier
Register your business details on VendorPanel Marketplace

Current Tender Opportunities

Current Tender Opportunities
View new Council opportunities

Closed Tenders

Closed Tenders
Record of tenders received