Strategic Planning

Capture11 planning proposal e public notices

Precinct Planning

South West Growth Area
land development

Planning Proposal

Understanding the process
to rezone your land

E-Public Notices

Matters on exhibition, planning proposals and DCP amendments

11.7 certificates Policies planning controls

10.7 Planning Certificates 

Find out about land constraints that may apply to your property


Strategic documents that provide vision and objectives for future development in Camden

Planning Controls

Controls to guide
urban development

DSCF2120 2 heritage planning LLEP review 2

Urban Design

Guidelines to ensure good quality development outcomes

Heritage Planning

Guidelines for developing heritage related development

 LEP Review

Detailed review of Council's existing planning framework and controls

city deals2 infrastructure coordination lep review

Western Sydney 
City Deal 

Coordination & innovation through a Planning Partnership involving Western Sydney Council's


Advocating and coordinating for essential infrastructure for the community


Levy contributions on new developments for parks, new roads, drainage and community centres