Camden Town Farm

Camden Town Farm, located on Exeter Street, Camden, was originally a 52-hectare dairy farm that was bequeathed to the local community by the late Miss Llewella Davies. It is a unique green space on the flood plain surrounding Camden.


The Camden Town Farm is also home to the Miss Llewella Davies Pioneer Walkway, Camden Community Gardens and Camden Fresh Produce Markets.

  • The Miss Llewella Davies Pioneers Walkway covers riparian zones, pastoral, grazing and cropping paddocks, offers fantastic views of St Johns Church, the Chinese Washing Wells, the Nepean River and Macquarie House. Patrons can choose from three different walking tracks, including:

    - Nepean River Link, which is 250 metres long. This track has a flat, even surface with no steps or steep sections. It is suitable for wheelchair users who have someone to assist;

    - Matahill Creek Loop, which is 800 metres in length. This track also has a flat, even surface with no steps or steep sections and is suitable for wheelchair users with assistance; and

    - Elizabeth Street Farm Link, which is 1.3 kilometres long. This track may have short steep hill sections with rough surfaces and is not wheelchair accessible.

             For more information on the walkway, click here

  • Miss Llewella Davies Community Gardens: The Gardens are focused on building community and social inclusion and interaction through a love of gardening. More information can be found at Camden Community Gardens or via email.   

  • Camden Fresh Produce Markets: Held every Saturday (excluding Camden Show weekend) from 7am-12pm. For more information phone 0477 224 881 or visit the Camden Produce Markets website. 



Camden Town Farm is available for hire for Private Functions & Events

With uninterrupted views across the historic cow pastures to the Nepean River and beyond Camden Town Farm can be hired for your Wedding, Christening, Engagement Party, Family Reunion or other celebration.

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Camden Town Farm offers either a private covered venue or open space for a grand marquee with views across the beautiful lagoon towards the proud windmill and beyond to the Blue Mountains. Private facilities also included.

 A charming, picturesque and natural setting for your romantic ceremony or fun celebration with stunning onsite photographic locations. A great location with tranquil spaces, rural landscapes and historic farm buildings.

Bookings are essential

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