Regulated Systems, Cooling Towers and Mortuaries

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Regulated Systems and Cooling Towers

Regulated systems include cooling towers, warm water and air handling systems that can house Legionella bacteria. If breathed in Legionella bacteria can cause legionnaires disease, a lung infection that can prove fatal.

Council's Environmental Health team conducts routine inspections and audits of all commercial regulated systems, including warm water and cooling water systems. These must be notified to Council using the Regulated Systems Notification Form. 

In 2018, the Public Health Regulation was amended to include new requirements for the maintenance and operation of Regulated Systems in New South Wales. The legislation introduced additional safeguards to minimise the risk of Legionella transmission.

For guidance on regulated systems, including approved forms and templates, see the NSW Health website.


Mortuaries and Crematoriums

Mortuaries and crematoriums are required to be registered with Council. 

Mortuaries & Crematorium Notification Form for a new business or change of ownership.

Council regularly inspects mortuaries and crematoriums to ensure public safety under the Public Health Act.  


For more information contact: 

Council’s Environmental Health Team on 13 CAMDEN or via email