Living Near Rural Land

Parts of the Camden Local Government Area (LGA) are productive agricultural areas, where livestock graze and intensive agricultural uses are carried out. Although these land uses occupy a relatively small proportion of land in the LGA, living next to farmland may be a new experience for some residents and sometimes the impacts of farming including poultry, pigs, vegetables, nurseries, cut flowers and cultivated turf may come as a surprise.

Camden’s rural areas are not only an important attraction to residents who want to live in areas with open green space and pleasant scenery, they also serve a functional purpose to our primary producers who provide an important role in food and crop supply across the region.

 This means a desire to enjoy these landscapes should be accompanied by an understanding that rural land is also used for productive purposes and that sometimes these uses will generate noise, odour, light and dust.

 The NSW Government supports primary producers in their right to farm and promotes the lawful use of land for agricultural purposes.  More information on the NSW Right to Farm Policy can be found here: NSW Right to Farm Policy