Driveway Application - Standard (Residential)

Application for NEW Residential Driveways which can achieve Council's Design Requirements (listed below).

ALL OTHER access driveways, including replacing/widening the existing driveway require a Non-Standard Driveway application.

Is this application for a proposed property?
NOTE: Proposed properties are those which will be created as the result of a subdivision.


NOTE: One application per property. 

Please provide the PARENT Property information in the below property details.

Property Details
Is your application in relation to ANY current or recent development work on the property?
Design Requirements (Compulsory)

(Replacing or widening an existing driveway requires a Non-Standard Driveway application)

STOP! If the property is a corner block or has more than one frontage you must complete a Non-Standard Driveway Application Form.

(i.e. pram ramps, kerb inlet pit, stormwater connections, light poles, street trees, service authority infrastructure)

Garage Size

 Type  Minimum  Maximum
 Single Garage  3.0m  4.0m
 Double Garage  4.0m  5.5m
 Triple or larger  4.0m  6.5m
Details of Applicant
Applicant Declarations

(Application fees will NOT be refunded where assessment has been completed or approval issued.)

Public Liability Insurance

License and Insurance details are not mandatory at the time of lodgement.

However, these details MUST be provided before commencing work.

Payment Information

We will contact you for payment.

To protect your privacy, DO NOT include credit card details on this form.