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Recycling Drop Off June 2024 

Recycling Drop Off - Saturday 22 June 2024

The Recycling Drop Off will be held on Saturday 22 June 2024 from 9am-3pm at Council’s Depot located at 5 Millwood Avenue Narellan.

Recycling items to be accepted at the event include:

  • Bulky cardboard;
  • Paper;
  • Plastic bottles and containers;
  • Glass bottles;
  • Cans; and,
  • Polystyrene (not accepted in yellow recycling bin).



Return and Earn - 10 billion containers returned in NSW!

Since Return and Earn began in NSW, over 10 billion containers have been returned through Return and Earn return points!

By recycling bottles, cans and cartons, you’re helping our environment and earning along the way, putting money back into the hands of the community.

Return and Earn is the rewarding way to recycle your drink containers. Every container returned makes an impact.

Check the status of your nearest return point before visiting and avoid peak times where possible.


RecycleSmart - To help recycle the tricky items!

Council encourages residents to sort out and recycle their waste items where possible. At times, there may be some confusion or uncertainty as to which items belong in which bin.

To make it easier to recycle, Council has joined RecycleSmart to provide our residents the Recyclopedia App to provide helpful information on these items. Residents can download the App and check out what and where to recycle.

Residents can also organise a Power PickUp of those tricky-to-recycle items from their doorstep – via the downloaded App or website.

Tricky-to-recycle items collected by RecycleSmart:

  • E-waste – small electronic items eg laptops, tablets, charging cords, gaming consoles, kettles, toaster 
  • Soft Plastics – plastics that can be scrunched up into a ball eg plastic bags, bread bags, bubble wrap - Please note, collection of soft plastics has been temporarily suspended as of 9 November 2022. 

  • Textiles – wearable clothing and accessories eg shoes, belts, handbags
  • Misfits – eg household batteries, polystyrene, fluorescent light globes, printer cartridges, X-ray films, smoke alarms.

Check the full list of what RecycleSmart can pick up.

Try the first Power Pickup for FREE with code "FIRSTFREE" at

As a participating Council of RecycleSmart, our residents have access to FREE monthly Pickups of 2 bags per month! For more information, visit FREE monthly Pickups and schedule yours in now!