Former Camden High School Site Redevelopment

The former Camden High School site is located in the northern part of the Camden Town Centre at 2-4 John Street and 11 Elizabeth Street, Camden. The site is bound by John, Exeter and Elizabeth Streets and surrounds the State heritage listed house and garden known as ‘Nant Gwylan.' The site is located within the Camden Town Centre Conservation Area.



The site was previously used for the Camden High School which opened in 1956 before moving to a new site in Cawdor in 2001. Part of the site was used as the Camden gasworks from 1911 until 1975 when it then became part of the school grounds.

On 8 September 2009 Council granted deferred commencement consent to development application 2008/644/1 for the redevelopment of the site. A history table that details a chronology of the approved development and its subsequent modifications is provided below.

The following additional information is publicly available for the development:

To access additional information on the development you must lodge an application under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 with Council. Information on how to make an application is available here.