Committees and Advisory Groups

If you would like to be involved in decision making processes around the use of some of Camden Council’s facilities or the delivery of Council funded programs, then volunteering to be a member of a Community Management Committee or advisory group may be just the thing for you.


Camden Council Community Management Committees

Camden Council delegates authority to Community Management Committees to manage some of Council’s facilities and functions.  The Committees are responsible for the care, control and management of either a facility (including letting, cleaning, maintenance, minor repairs, operations, purchase of fittings/equipment) or a program of activities (including organising, promoting and implementing).  

These include:


Advisory Groups and Opportunities

Council facilitates a number of community advisory groups consisting of residents who wish to represent and advocate for the needs of various target groups and neighbourhoods.  

These include:

These groups meet regularly to discuss issues and advise Council on appropriate actions.

If you are interested in participating in any of the above committees or advisory groups, contact Camden Council's Community Planning and Development team on 4645 5084 or via email.