About Camden Family Day Care

Quality Early Childhood Education and Care

Camden family Day Care is a Family Day Care provider currently supporting up to 35 Educators across the Camden Local Government Area. We have recently celebrated 40 years operating within the community.

We strive to ensure that children from 6 weeks to 12 years have the opportunity to access quality education and care. This is provided through a play-based lens where children and young people can explore their world. Our philosophy revolves around purposeful, meaningful, and intentional practices that guide and support all aspects of the national quality framework.

We work alongside other departments within Camden Council to ensure that we are supporting children and the community through a range of aspects, including Paint the town REaD with Binyang the Bookasaurus, to provide play sessions, story times in the park, and with local libraries.



Our point of difference is that we offer:

  • Maintained ratios (no more than 4 children under school age + 3 school age children)
  • Family-friendly environments that focus on play based learning
  • Emphasis on supporting children’s individual interests
  • Consistent educator providing stability and commitment to building strong relationships with individual children and their families
  • Genuine respect for family values
  • Commitment to collaborative relationships between staff, educators, families and children
  • Support with transition to school



Camden Family Day Care caters for children:

  • During standard and non-standard hours (flexible hours)
  • Before/after school
  • During school holidays

Children are nurtured and cared for in the homes of approved Family Day Care educators who are trained, resourced, supported and monitored by the Camden Family Day Care Coordination Unit team.

Camden Council is the Services Approved Provider with the Department of Education and Communities operating in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Regulation and National Standards.