Becoming an Educator

Camden Council is committed to delivering a quality education and care service to all children enrolled at Camden Family Day Care.

We recognise that the safety and wellbeing of educators, staff, parents and children who attend the service is paramount and that regular and thorough monitoring of educator's delivery of the education, care service and premises is necessary to minimise potential risks and ensure all children receive a quality service.


Role of the Educator

Educators are recruited, trained and resourced by the coordination unit. The key role of educators is to provide a quality education and care service which nurtures each child within their own service. Key facts include:

  • Educators have qualifications ranging from Certificate III or Degree in Children’s Services to Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood). All educators must hold a minimum Certificate III in Children’s Services.
  • Educators are committed to the National Quality Framework, participate in assessment and rating of the service and adhere to all legislative requirements.
  • Educators demonstrate an interest and understanding of all children’s individual needs and development.
  • Educators provide a stimulating program that supports the development and growth of each child.
  • Educators develop open relationships which foster communication and support parents as the greatest influence in a child’s life and therefore demonstrate respect toward individual families’ practices and values.

The Coordination Unit staff continue to provide educators with training, resources, information and support.