Nepean River including the Narellan Creek Catchment

The Nepean River is a major waterway running through the Camden Local Government Area, entering at the southern boundary and exiting at the north-western boundary. The Nepean catchment is the largest within the Camden Local Government Area and includes a number of tributaries. Of these tributaries, Narellan Creek flows through a highly urbanised region.

Current Nepean River including the Narellan Creek Catchment Flood Study

Camden Council completed the Nepean River Flood Study in 2015 and has recently prepared a Nepean River Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan as required by the State Government.

This process included the review of existing flood behaviours and associated hazards before investigating mitigation options to reduce flood damage and risk. Development of a Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan provides a sound basis upon which Council can make decisions about undertaking works, making planning decisions and developing response arrangements to reduce the impact of flooding for the Nepean River catchment within the Camden Local Government Area.

The latest Nepean River Flood Risk Management Study and Plan has been expanded to include additional tributaries of the Nepean River including Narellan Creek, Navigation Creek, Matahil Creek (East and West), Sickles Creek, Cobbitty Creek, and Bringelly Creek. The Narellan Creek Flood Study (2017) has also been updated as part of the Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan preparation. Council engaged a specialist consultant, Cardno to undertake the study and plan which included the Nepean River and Narellan Creek Catchment area.

It should be noted that Flood Studies represent flood behaviour for the ground conditions existing at the commencement of the study.