Water for Wildlife

Help us get water to thirsty wildlife

During times of drought, intense heat or bushfires wildlife can struggle to access drinking water. We can help support our native wildlife by providing accessible safe, drinking water.Water for Wildlife 3 Images2

Camden Council has partnered with Animals Australia as part of the ‘Water for Wildlife’ project which aims to provide a stable and reliable source of water for our unique and precious wildlife. The project was initially introduced to help thirsty wildlife post bushfires. While the Camden Local Government Area is not often directly impacted by bushfires, these drinking stations are beneficial for wildlife during Camden’s often hot and dry summers.

‘Water for Wildlife’ drinking stations allow ground dwelling mammals such as wallabies, wombats, echidnas, and birds access to additional water. Each drinking station can hold 15 litres of water and is checked regularly by Council staff to ensure wildlife have consistent access to safe water.

We need your help!

Camden Council has installed ‘Water for Wildlife’ drinking stations in three Council reserves:

We are asking surrounding residents who regularly visit these reserves, to report any observations of wildlife using the water stations or maintenance requests for the water stations, directly to Council using the form below. 

By letting us know any observations you make about the water stations when using the Reserve, we will be able to determine how this project is helping our local wildlife. 

How can I be involved?

For more information contact our Sustainability Team on 13 CAMDEN or email sustainability@camden.nsw.gov.au

Report any observations or maintenance requests using the form below.

Observation form
Water station:
Observation of wildlife interacting with water stations
Type of animal:
Maintenance request