Sustainable Living Workshops

All-Electric Homes Webinar

Heating, cooling, hot water, cooking, and cars can all make the transition to all-electric which is better for the health of your family and by electrifying your home you could save up to 75% per year on your bills! Independent experts Renew Australia will explore the ways you can move towards an all-electric home and discuss the benefits of ditching gas. Hosted November 2023, watch the recording below:

Electric Vehicles Webinar

Electric vehicles are finally becoming more common in Australia. This webinar gives an overview of how to integrate EV charging into your home and tips for choosing the right EV. Hosted November 2023 by independent experts of Renew Australia, watch the recording below:


FrogID - What the Ribbit is that?

Check out the recording below of FrogID - What the Ribbit is that? And learn about the citizen science program helping scientists better understand the distribution and diversity of Australian frogs, and how you can help too!


For more information on FrogID visit: Home | Australian Museum FrogID Project