Save Power Kit

Save Power Kits are available to borrow for free from Camden or Narellan Library.

The Save Power Kit can:

  • show you what appliances are using the most power in your home, and
  • give you ideas and some easy steps you can take to save money, power and reduce your impact on the environment.

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What's in the Save Power Kit?

  • Power-Mate Lite – You can measure the power used by your TV, washing machine, dryer, fridge and other equipment and appliances with the Power-Mate Lite. It also shows you how much they cost to run and the carbon pollution they create.
  • Infrared thermometer – Find out where your home lets in the cold in winter or the heat in summer - simply point the infrared thermometer at the spot you want to check and read the temperature.
  • Save Power thermometer - to check your room and fridge temperatures – it has a handy gauge to show you what the optimal temperatures should be for fridges, freezers, heating and cooling.
  • Stopwatch – Time how long you spend in the shower and measure how much hot water you use with the stopwatch.
  • Compass – Work out which rooms and windows face north and west with the compass so you can ensure you make the most of the sun in winter and save money on cooling by shading them in the summer.
  • User guide with worksheets – The kit comes with a great guidebook, worksheet and action plan to get you started so you can identify your biggest power users and simple ways to start lowering your power bills right away.