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Camden's Tree Canopy

Trees play an essential role in both urban and natural environments. They help to create great places for the community to enjoy, adding beauty and colour while also providing important habitat for local wildlife, and much needed shade and cooling.

Trees also absorb air and water pollutants, and act as greenhouse sinks by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Canopy cover is the measure of an area that is covered and shaded by the canopy of trees. It’s an important measure that can be tracked over time to see how successful our efforts are at increasing the amount of greencover, and creating liveable and cool neighbourhoods.

Currently, canopy cover across the Camden local government area (LGA) is sitting at around 15%, with some suburbs and areas having less than 10%. This is well below the target adopted by the NSW Government and Camden’s Urban Forest Strategy 2023 to reach 40% canopy cover by 2036.

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As our population grows along with climatic changes, it is important to nurture our natural assets and plan for future generations. Please refer to Council’s Urban Forest Strategy 2023 on how Council intends to increase and manage canopy.