Upper South Creek Catchment

The upper reaches of South Creek start within the Camden Local Government Area, flowing northwards and eventually crossing into Liverpool Council LGA. Along with its numerous tributaries (of which Kemps Creek is the largest), the South Creek catchment covers a significant north-eastern portion of the Camden Local Government Area.



Upper South Creek – Current Works

Having completed the initial flood study, the next step of the Floodplain Risk Management Process is to undertake the Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan (FRMS&P) as required by the State Government. This process is necessary in order to refine the existing flooding behaviour and associated hazard, and to investigate any possible mitigation options to reduce flood damage and risk. Council has engaged a specialist consultant, Cardno to undertake the FRMS&P for the Upper South Creek Catchment based on the 2012 Flood Study. A revision of the FRMS&P has since been undertaken in order to assess the potential affects of removing a number of large rural farm dams on floodplain storage.