Sustainable Homes

The decisions we make about sustainability in the home can make a real difference to our impact on the environment. By making your home more sustainable you can save money and live in a healthier, more comfortable home for you and your family today, tomorrow and in the future.

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This section provides information on: 

Electrify Everything!

Be part of the clean energy future by moving your home to all-electric!

Heating, cooling, hot water, cooking, and cars can all make the transition to all-electric which is healthy and clean to run. Everyone can enjoy the performance leaps and savings electric appliances bring and by electrifying your household you could save up to 75%* per year on your bills! Electrification does not have to be all at once. Take time to prepare so that when appliances, like hot water, need replacing, you’re ready to make the switch. 

Check out the resources to make your home all-electric: