Public Address Session

The Public Address Session in the Council Meeting provides an opportunity for people to speak publicly on any item on Council's Business Paper.

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Public Address Session will be held via video conference during the Council Meeting. In order to participate in the Public Address Session you will require access to a laptop or mobile device and an email address to receive an invitation to the public address session. Speakers will be provided with guidelines to assist them to connect to the meeting.

The Public Address Session will be conducted in accordance with the Public Address Guidelines. Speakers must submit an application for approval to Council's Governance Team no later than 5.00pm on the working day prior to the meeting (usually Monday but will be earlier in the case of a Monday public holiday). Applications can be lodged using one of the following methods:

Should you require any additional information or clarification, please contact the Governance Team on 02 4654 7777.