My Camden Story

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Council's Heritage Advisory Committee is running a social media campaign, asking residents to uncover their untold stories behind Camden’s rich and diverse history.

Information gathered will help to map Camden’s oral history as part of a knowledge-sharing and story-telling program that will be used to describe the people, places and events that have shaped the identity of the area.

The stories can be short, authentic and even quirky to tell the story of your memories and experiences across the Camden area. Stories are to be based on different themes shared on Camden's social media platform.

Read some of our existing stories:

Disclaimer: The ideas, comments and concepts presented are those of the author and do not represent the opinion or policies of Camden Council or Camden Council Library Services. 

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For further information on this project, please contact Council's customer service on 13 CAMDEN (13 226336).


How can I submit my story?

Submissions can be made in the following ways:

  • By entering or uploading your story into the form at the end of this page;
  • By sending an email containing your story to;
  • By mailing a copy addressed to: Team Leader Strategic Planning - Heritage, Precincts and Rural, PO BOX 183, CAMDEN NSW 2570; or

By making a submission, you are consenting to the details provided in your submission (including your name) being used for the purposes of this project.

Please include your name and any additional contact information in your submission. Your personal information such as your email and phone number will not be published.

When do I need to submit my story by?

We welcome stories to be submitted at any time. 

Do you have a story but are not sure how to put it all together?

Don’t worry, we encourage you to put as much information into your submission as possible and we will contact you for further information if we need it.

Remember, even a basic summary and some other information (such as pictures or website links) can serve the foundations of a great story.

What type of material can I submit and how long does a story need to be?

The community is encouraged to submit stories in a variety of formats such as written documents, audio recordings, images, maps or videos.

Stories do not need to be long (maximum 200 words) and can be funny, sad, unusual or informative. However, they need to be true.

What happens after I submit my story?

All stories will be reviewed to ensure the type or material and content is suitable for future publishing. In the event that selected words may need to be changed, Council officers may request that minor amendments are made to the story.

The intent is not to alter the quality and authenticity of the story. All authors will be acknowledged and retain copyright of their story, however by submitting a story agree to grant Council a perpetual, non-exclusive licence to publish or republish the story in its original form or in any amended form in any medium and that all material submitted does not infringe any other person’s copyright or other intellectual property.

Please note that not all stories may be published in the future. You will be notified prior to your story being published on an external website or media platform.

My Camden Story Submission Form

Please note, by completing the form below, the details provided (including names and dates) may be used for the purposes of publishing stories and information.