Alan Baker Art Gallery at Macaria

The Alan Baker Art Gallery occupies the recently renovated, historic Macaria building and provides an opportunity to honour local artist Alan Baker and showcase his artworks.

The Alan Baker collection represent a colourful portrayal of an artist’s life in 20th Century Australia and tells a story of life, Australian tradition, culture and artistic journey.

Whilst the gallery is a dedicated showcase of Alan Baker’s works, it also provides an opportunity to connect local artists, foster future artists and promote art in Camden.

Opening Hours 

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Address: 37 John St, Camden
Phone: 02 4645 5191

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Spring Exhibition 2019: September 5 - December 1

Local Landscapes

Baker’s local landscape paintings captured whilst residing at The Oaks from the 1960’s to the 80’s. The works reflect Bakers love of en plein-air painting in the natural and built environments of the Macarthur region.


This exhibition highlights the accomplished floral paintings of Alan D. Baker, these works remain his most highly regarded subject and certainly his most prolific. Baker has been quoted as saying that he estimates painting ‘one hectare of flowers per year’.

A Model Wife: A Model Life

‘A Model Wife’ highlights the artist’s wife, Marjorie. Model, muse and wife, and an accomplished artist in her own right. Also a woman of great dignity, presence and poise. Transcending tragedy several times over, her friends describe her as optimistic, creative, knowledgeable, and as taking great joy in life. Her strength is evident in many of Alan’s portraits.

‘A Model Life’ investigates the professional role of the artist’s model: indispensable to artists’ practice, but frequently overlooked. At the time of Alan Baker’s training, women were not permitted to attend life drawing classes as students, yet the overwhelming majority of models were female. Is this justice? This segment of the exhibition also focusses on ‘Sydney’s top-ranking artist’s model’ of the 1930s: Rita Lee, a favourite of Norman Lindsay. One of Lindsay’s works is a special feature of the exhibition.

 almond blossom

Spring Workshops:

To accompany our Spring Exhibition program, we have partnered with Flowerchild Arrangements to deliver a fun filled Flower Crown Workshop held within the gallery's 'Flora' Exhibition. Find out more and book here.


Alan Baker Art Gallery - Annual Public Program 2019

Alan Baker Art Gallery has launched a full program of workshops, classes and events which cater to both children and adults. As well as providing opportunities for life long learning, this public program has provided local artists and creatives with a social space to connect and share ideas.

Programs for Kids:

Art After School is run as a 10-week program for primary aged students who will receive a term full of creative workshops which will allow children to explore the real and the imagined through varied art-making methods. Find out more and book here.

School Holidays provide an opportunity for children to work creatively and be inspired by the gallery setting. We are facilitating a series of 'Watercolour for Kids' workshops which provide a fun opportunity for kids to experiment with watercolour and get creative during the holidays. Head here to book a session.

Programs for Adults:

Watercolour Fridays is run as a 10-week program for participants of all levels of experience. This weekly session will introduce the basics of watercolour in a supportive environment for beginners, but can be easily tailored for more advanced participants. Find out more and book here.

Monthly Life Drawing (18+) runs on the second Thursday of each month during the evening. Each session is guided by a professional artist and is appropriate for all levels of experience. We provide basic drawing materials & cartridge paper as well as tea and coffee during breaks. Find out more and book here.

En Plein Air (Outdoor Landscape Painting) will commence in Spring and then run as a monthly program which will be held at the Camden Town Farm. These casual sessions invite participants to explore the many ways to represent landscape and experiment with painting as a medium. Find out more and book here.

The Heritage Drawing Tour occurs on the last Saturday of each month and provides participants with the opportunity to engage with Camden's history as they explore the Heritage buildings contained within John Street. Participants will be introduced to the basics of architectural drawing and then complete their drawings with watercolour wash techniques back at the gallery. Find out more and book here.

 Heritage Drawing Tour


Visitor Drawings

The Alan Baker Art Gallery has been delighted by the creative young minds of Camden. Since the Gallery opened, many aspiring artists walk through the door and sit in the Still Life room to draw while parents enjoy the paintings. With pencils, paper and a clipboard, children of all ages and skill levels have been quick to sketch some beautiful images in the space. They take inspiration from our changing still life displays, Baker’s beautiful collection, or simply express ideas straight from their imagination.

Children in gallery