Special Events Transport

Many community events and sporting competitions involve closing roads temporarily or have an impact on traffic and pedestrian movement in the vicinity of the event, even if the event itself is not on a public road. It is therefore important that appropriate measures are put in place to ensure that all road users can get around safely and efficiently. You should therefore familiarise yourself with Council's Event Planning Guide.

For events that are likely to impact major traffic and transport systems, it is essential to notify Council six months prior to the event to commence the approval process to allow Council to coordinate with State Government agencies. For all other events that could have an impact on road users, the Event Organiser should complete the following steps:

Step 1

Complete and submit Council's online Event Application Form at least three months prior to the event

Step 2

Council will advise if a Transport Management Plan (TMP) is required. If a TMP is not required Council will advise you if consent is given and any conditions of consent, including appropriate Public Liability insurance. If a TMP is required, go to Step 3, otherwise go to Step 6.

Activities on or affecting State roads also require a Road Occupancy Licence from the NSW Transport Management Centre. 

Step 3

Complete the Special Event Transport Management Plan Template and sent to Council at least two months prior to the event, with the administration fee. Attachments should include a Traffic Guidance Scheme drawn up by a suitably qualified person and a copy of Public Liability insurance.

Step 4

Your TMP will be presented to the Camden Local Traffic Committee which will make a recommendation to Council whether or not to give consent with any appropriate conditions. Council will then consider the recommendation at a meeting of the Ordinary Council and report the resolution back to you.

Step 5

If your application is unsuccessful you may want make an amended submission, subject to Council's timeframes and the approval process. If your application is successful you should carry out any conditions required prior to the event such as public notification and obtaining approvals from the NSW Police or Transport for New South Wales.

Step 6

Carry out your event in accordance with any conditions of consent - including setting up and closing down. Where required, Traffic Guidance Schemes should be implemented and managed under the guidance of qualified persons. 

Please note that Council is here to help. Contact Council as soon as possible if you are unsure of any aspect of your proposed event whether ongoing and annual events or one-off events. 

Fees for Special Event applications and Public Road Events are specified in Council's Fees and Charges. Note that hire charges also apply to some Council parks, reserves, sports grounds and facilities. Other agencies such as the Police may charge for their services.