School Road Safety

Camden Council is committed to providing a safe environment for all students, parents and teachers as they arrive and depart school.

As part of this, Camden Council has developed the School Safety Program which is run in partnership with Camden Police Area Command.

This program seeks to provide education, engineering, and enforcement activity to assist in ensuring the appropriate use of the traffic facilities around schools and improve the safety of our children.

Council also works in partnership with our local schools to deliver the best facilities possible. Schools are areas where there are high traffic volumes for short periods of time, during pick up and drop off.

Some of the projects that we have delivered as part of this program are:

  • Yellow Pedestrian Safety Line – installed to assist children in knowing where to stand when waiting to be picked up after school
  • Yellow 'No Parking' bollard signage – installed to assist parents to know how to best use the No Parking / Kiss and Ride facilities around schools

Educational resources available to download