Cafe Connect Camden

Starting April 2021, Camden Council will host a series of Cafe Connects for older people of all abilities across the Camden Local Government Area. The cafe is a one-stop-shop that provides information about health, social and service provision in a variety of formats including one-on-one conversations with connector services, access information from technology, large print and easy read resources. In addition to the cafe, a different activity will be delivered to scope interest for further social and affordable activities.

Supported by Macarthur Disability Services, the cafe is free and will provide pathways to information to connect with a variety of service providers, have their questions answered or information provided about services, programs and activities in the one location.

Café Connect is an initiative of Council’s Active Ageing Strategy 2016-2026  to deliver innovative ideas and approaches that foster liveable communities for older people. 

Council is committed to engaging with our local community, business, services and other levels of government to make Camden a better place to age now and into the future.

For more information about Café Connect Camden contact Camden Council's Community Project Officer Ageing and Disability on 4645 5009 or email