Survey and Consultation Results

The results for the survey showed that a high level of respondents believed the three most important factors to staying healthy and happy as they age are:

  • 70% Interaction with family and friends
  • 32% Being physically active
  • 19% Working (paid or voluntary)

The most popular activities noted were volunteering, attending community events and visiting the library.



In the previous month, 68% of respondents were physically active three or more times per week, 24% were active once a week, 4.5% were active less than once a week and 3% were not active during this period. Additionally, 75% of respondents had used the internet to stay in touch socially and access information more than three times per week, 7% once a week, 2% less than once a week and 16% not at all.

The feeling of being part of a community and living in a good place was very highly endorsed as:

  • 87% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed they feel part of their local community
  • 89% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that Camden is a good place to live for older people



Whilst 72% of people felt they had access to all the services and facilities they need in the Camden LGA, respondents primarily experienced the following barriers when using local services:

  • 41% lack of information about services available
  • 25% cost
  • 24% transport 



A high level of respondents living in the Camden area had experienced the following challenges:

  • 39% lack of transport options
  • 30% the cost of living, financial pressures



Looking into supports needed for ageing into the futures, respondents believed the three most important needs would be:

  • 70% community Transport
  • 62% community Health Service
  • 53% domestic Assistance



The top three priorities for making Camden a better place for older people were:

  • 68% more involvement by seniors in community decision making
  • 48% better public transport
  • 41% better access to information including health, social and aged care